These editing and design demo reels features my work in late night television over the last four years.

The Pete Holmes Show (Conaco LLC, TBS) 
Featuring Pete's interviews with Jon Stewart, Allison Williams, Rachel Maddow, Lolo Jones, James Harden, and Vin Diesel.

CONAN (Conaco LLC, TBS) 
Featuring appearances by Triumph the Insult Comic Dig, Will Ferrell, Elmo, Gary Busey, Nick Offerman, and a clip from "Occupy CONAN" for which I received a 2013 Primetime Emmy nomination for multicam editing along with the other CONAN editors.

Deon Cole's Black Box (Conaco LLC, TBS)
Featuring the opening title designs and various bumpers I created for the weekly TBS clip show. 

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (Conaco LLC, NBC)
Featuring appearances by Christopher Meloni, Pee Wee Herman, Ed McMahon, and President Barack Obama.

"Lost and Found" by Katie Herzig
Licensed from The Music Bed

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